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О компании

INDE’s is number of the award winning Broadcast AR system install and they can provide the customizable interactive to 3D augmented experience on small or large screen. it makes the special and unique edutainment and it create the great media platform to make more attractive and engaging to watch over the screen. They can work the large screen augmented reality with the best support for the customer. the Large-scale augmented reality also brings more fun and entrainment among the children so they are happy to go with the such type of augmented screen to play with fun. It can utilize such the method for the education the people and large group and it is consider the as the mixture of the real world as well as the digital content. This team has filled with the number of the skilled staffs who can arrange such large screen augmented reality with the best manners. The y can arrange the Augmented reality screen with the special effects and they are well experience in providing the individual experience and group experience.

Быстрый подбор исполнителя

Мы подберем профильную IT команду, максимально подходящую для вашего проекта, оценим, проконтролируем процесс, сделаем работу с технологиями понятной и прозрачной.