Digital Dental Laboratory DentaCad

Our acquaintance with DentaCad took place at one of the international dental exhibitions in Minsk. Against the backdrop of foreign competitors DentaCad didn’t look competitive even despite the high level of service and the use of modern technologies. The company also had some difficulties of order-processing laboratory services: the application form existed only in paper, the digitized x-ray images were very large, so they had to save to external HDD or USB drivers. TASK #1:Increase brand awareness in thedental market of Belarus. TASK #2:Make the application processsimple and convenient.TASK #3:Solve the problemof large files transfer. ESTIMATED WORKING SCOPE: 160 MAN-HOURS, ESTIMATED DEVELOPMENT DURATION: 60 days. ACTUAL DESIGN: At the start of the project the customer has had an outdated website which absolutely not fit the image of a modern successful company. The potential clients of the laboratory had the wrong impression, which prevented it from expanding its presence in the dental market. After analyzing several competing websites, includes colleague’s websites from the USA and Europe, the OnTID team proposed an elegant design that surpassed all customer expectations. Corporate colors perfectly formed the basis. AUTOMATING THE APPLICATION PROCESS: One of the main problems that the company wanted to solve by upgrading the website is improving the speed and quality of customer service. It was decided to create an interactive form to create an application by the requirements from stakeholders. The intuitive format has significantly simplified the work of customers, and the database of applications within the CMS made it possible to instantly send and track orders. ABILITY TO DOWNLOAD LARGE FILES: An important aspect of the project is transferring of large computed tomography files. Hard work has done to develop a solution for working with the server: for convenience of loading, the files are decomposed for later merging on the server into a single file. STARTING &RESULTS: The DentaCad brand has strengthened its position in the dental services market, using modern website design. The application processing speed from the moment of registration until the finished customer orders increased by 3 times. Users note the convenience of the online form, the increase in orders has already reached 25+%.

Digital Dental Laboratory DentaCad

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