We were approached Veritas Lab - by one of the largest US chain systems of medical laboratories which are focused on MRO, medical, DNA and drug testing. The only source of leads generating was its partnership with a number of clinics across the USA, and the existing Veritas website was old-fashioned and looked like it was assembled using a free site builder. DESIRES: To overcome the difficulty in further business growth, to show the presentability of the company. NEEDS: To establish a new sales channel via the Internet. FEARS: Possible processes complication, users data loss. During the communications, we have formed several tasks, and the sneak peek showed that there were no issues that cannot be overcome: -DEVELOP A MODERN DESIGN THAT EMPHASIZES THE STATUS AND PRESENTABILITY OF THE COMPANY. -ORGANIZE THE LEAD GENERATING THROUGH SEO. -AUTOMATIZE THE SALES AND ORGANIZE THEIR TRANSPARENT ACCOUNTING. -ENSURE THE SAFE STORAGE OF DATA WITHOUT USING A PUBLIC CLOUD.     RESULTS & PROJECT DELIVERYWhen user acceptance testing and deployment were finished the customer was satisfied with the result. After a while, the first data arrived from the real users, who proved the correctness of our hypotheses. THE ORDERS PROCESSING ACCELERATED BY 28% Thanks to the automation the orders process became quicker, what significantly reduced the staff burden. THE NEW SALES CHANNEL ARRIVED While the old site did not generate any leads at all, the new one presently generates about 20 calls per day. With the average conversion rate of about 30% and the average spent counted more than $250 it helps the company to increase its revenue significantly. And this is just the beginning. COMPETITORS WERE OUTDISTANCED Independent sources prove that the new Veritas Lab site allows it successfully outdistance its main competitors which sites mostly look outdated.


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