f(by) 2020

Беларусь, Москва

f(by) 2020 – the 6th edition of the international conference on functional programming in Minsk, Belarus.

The agenda

The attendees will have 2 tracks of talks uncovering the last practices in working with functional programming languages:
success stories of FP languages usage;
programming language theory, mathematics, programming for the sake of programming, new things in FP languages.

Дата и время

January 25 - January 25
Не началось


241 BYN - 296 BYN


ул. Октябрьская, 16/4

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f(by) 2020 / Москва

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f(by) 2020 / Москва

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f(by) 2020 / Москва


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f(by) 2020
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